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Success Stories

Loren Robin

Background: Real Estate

Barbara Heilman

Background: Real Estate

Mike Lattuca

Background: Former US Marine/Entrepreneur

Dauri Kowitz

Background: Marketing

Amy Biederwolf

Background: Mom/Restaurant Owner

Nancy Howard

Background: Single Mom/Nutritionist

Rod Mezadieu

Background: Athlete/Entrepreneur

Elaine Wise

Background: Finance

Tony Olivera

Background: Health Administration

Hilda Rendon

Background: Entrepreneur

Dale and Carol Fawcett

Background: Aerospace / Paralegal

Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon

Background: Naturopath/ Author/ Media Personality

Rick Tabbi Jr.

Background: Real Estate Development

Blanca Martinez & Rafael Abello

Background: Mortage Banking/Real Estate

Thera Huish

Background: Entrepreneur

William Lambert

Background: Entrepreneur

Suzette Lawrence

Background: Nursing

Melanie Stokes

Background: Life Coach/Nutritionist

Grazyna Pajunen

Background: Electrical Engineering

Frank and Jan Villa

Background: Restaurateur, Biology. Respiratory Therapy

Katelon Rey-Grant

Background: Entrepreneur/Mother

Theresa and Richard Hollowell

Background: Finance, Real Estate/Nursing

Dr. M. Vinson & Patti Miner

Background: University Professor/Homemaker


Disclaimer: These are success stories of Jusuru Independent Representatives who have reached the rank of Enterprise, which represent 0.4% of total Jusuru Independent Representatives. Jusuru International, Inc., does not guarantee any level of income or earnings to any Independent Representative. Earnings from the Jusuru Compensation Plan depend solely on sales and each Independent Representative’s skill, ability, and personal application. There are many methods and techniques used successfully for building your Jusuru business. Jusuru is a registered trademark of Jusuru International, Inc.

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