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Q: What are the most common joint problems?


Q: At what age should I be concerned about my pet's joint health?

A: Joint health is important at all stages of life. They are vital to her health, mobility and overall well-being. Discomfort and stiffness affect every aspect of life, from playtime to mealtime to potty-time. When a pet's joints aren't performing optimally, health and behavioral problems can result, which can lead to huge vet bills and even shorten her lifespan.

Q: What clinical data supports the safety and efficacy of Liquid BioCell® Pet?

A: Liquid BioCell Pet's key ingredient is Liquid BioCell, which is a clinically researched, multi-patented nutraceutical ingredient. It has been the subject of multiple double-blind clinical trials in the area of joint and skin health and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Canine and feline joint cartilage composition is almost identical to that of the human articular matrix, which is the reason why our product is efficacious and safe for our pets.

Q: How is Liquid BioCell® Pet administered? Does the applicator come with the bottle? How long will one bottle last for my dog or cat?

A: Liquid BioCell Pet can be given to your pet directly in the mouth or mixed with her food. The bottle includes a dropper that is marked with mL units. Depending on your pet’s weight, give the amount that is listed on the bottle’s label. For example, if your dog weighs 25 lbs, he will need 4 mL per day, which means the bottle will last about one month. The larger your pet weighs, the more he will need. Similarly, the smaller she is, the less she will need, and a bottle could last for a couple of months. Please refer to the suggested dosage chart.

Body Weight Serving Size Servings Per Container
< 24 lbs / 11 kg 2 ml/day 60
25 - 49 lbs / 12 - 22 kg 4 ml/day 30
50 - 100 lbs / 23 - 45 kg 6 ml/day 20
100 + lbs / 46+ kg 8 ml/day 15

Q: Is Liquid BioCell® Pet safe for human consumption?

A: Liquid BioCell Pet was designed and formulated for pets and not for human consumption.

Q: Can Liquid BioCell® Pet be used for animals other than a dog or a cat?

A: We also have Liquid BioCell Equine, a product specially formulated for horses, offering the same benefits as Liquid BioCell Pet.

Q: Are there any product experiences available from pet owners who have used Liquid BioCell® Pet for their pets?

A: Thousands of pet owners are using and loving Liquid BioCell Pet. To hear product experiences from pet owners click here.

Q: Can I find Liquid BioCell® Pet in stores?

A: No, Jusuru products are not available in retail establishments. They are only available through its network of Independent Representatives.

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